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newDo some Spring-cleaning for your body with yoga! The detoxifying legs-up-the-wall pose gets the blood flowing. Sit on one end of a mat against the wall. Lie flat on the mat, and extend your legs up the wall. Keep your legs together and your rear end touching the wall. Rest your hands on your tummy or above your head on the mat. Relax, close your eyes, drop your chin slightly and breathe deeply and slowly. Hold this position for 3-10 minutes.

newLegend has it that garlic is a vampire repellant! We don't know about that, but we do know garlic is a natural antibiotic and helps decrease blood pressure and cholesterol. If you don't like the taste, pick up some capsules at the health food store.

newShort days of winter got you down? Get as much natural light as you can between 6-8am for an easy mood elevator!

newA moldy environment can decrease your immune function. Eliminate mold by mixing a 10 percent bleach solution and spraying it on windows and around doors.

newEating well doesn't have to be hard. Stock up on healthy foods so you'll always have a full store of good stuff, and it'll always be your only choice!

newGet ready to face spring with an oatmeal mask! Just mix oatmeal with boiling water according to package instructions, let cool, apply to skin and let rest for 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

newAdd healthy sources of vitamin C to your diet this winter. Citrus fruits, strawberries and kiwi fruit are rich in this powerful nutrient. And don't forget vegetables such as red and orange peppers, broccoli and spinach.

newYou'll have egg on your face...if you want clear, healthy skin. Separate an egg and use a clean beauty brush to paint a medium-thick coat of beaten yolk onto your face. Let it dry and wash it off. Repeat this a couple of times a day until you start seeing significant results.

newMushrooms are a safe, natural, tasty and easy way to boost your immune system! Add this natural medicine to your favorite soups, salads, sauces, and pasta dishes.

newNext time you find yourself saying “I need a break!” – take one! You can unwind in your bathtub with a tub full of hot water and a dual jet bath spa. Add this wonderful item to your bath and you’ll have an instant Jacuzzi!

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