newDo some Spring-cleaning for your body with yoga! The detoxifying legs-up-the-wall pose gets the blood flowing. Sit on one end of a mat against the wall. Lie flat on the mat, and extend your legs up the wall. Keep your legs together and your rear end touching the wall. Rest your hands on your tummy or above your head on the mat. Relax, close your eyes, drop your chin slightly and breathe deeply and slowly. Hold this position for 3-10 minutes.

newLegend has it that garlic is a vampire repellant! We don't know about that, but we do know garlic is a natural antibiotic and helps decrease blood pressure and cholesterol. If you don't like the taste, pick up some capsules at the health food store.

newShort days of winter got you down? Get as much natural light as you can between 6-8am for an easy mood elevator!

newA moldy environment can decrease your immune function. Eliminate mold by mixing a 10 percent bleach solution and spraying it on windows and around doors.

newEating well doesn't have to be hard. Stock up on healthy foods so you'll always have a full store of good stuff, and it'll always be your only choice!

newGet ready to face spring with an oatmeal mask! Just mix oatmeal with boiling water according to package instructions, let cool, apply to skin and let rest for 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

newAdd healthy sources of vitamin C to your diet this winter. Citrus fruits, strawberries and kiwi fruit are rich in this powerful nutrient. And don't forget vegetables such as red and orange peppers, broccoli and spinach.

newYou'll have egg on your face...if you want clear, healthy skin. Separate an egg and use a clean beauty brush to paint a medium-thick coat of beaten yolk onto your face. Let it dry and wash it off. Repeat this a couple of times a day until you start seeing significant results.

newMushrooms are a safe, natural, tasty and easy way to boost your immune system! Add this natural medicine to your favorite soups, salads, sauces, and pasta dishes.

newNext time you find yourself saying “I need a break!” – take one! You can unwind in your bathtub with a tub full of hot water and a dual jet bath spa. Add this wonderful item to your bath and you’ll have an instant Jacuzzi!

A lot of people join fitness centers this time of year. If you are one of those, be sure to supplement your new regimen with a well-balanced diet and even adding in some more healthy calories to feed your hungry body!

Giving is good for the soul! On top of giving presents to your loved ones, try giving your time to one of your favorite charities. They will be genuinely grateful.

It's cold season. When you have one, or live near someone who does, it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle: Eat an immune-system-boosting diet, get plenty of exercise, keep a consistent sleeping pattern, and wash those hands!

Cold weather and lack of sunlight giving you the blues? Yoga is a great way to channel energy and clear the mind of stressful thoughts through balance, stretching, and breathing.

A favorite of the fall and winter harvest, the hearty squash also offers a variety of health benefits: omega-3s, beta-carotene, dietary fiber and potassium, to name a few. So, if you know what’s good for you, and now you do, eat squash and be healthy!

American ginseng is helpful for men looking to shape up. Studies show that men who take at least 3 grams of American ginseng per day experience lower blood sugars and lower insulin levels after eating!

White tea is packed with polyphenols, a powerful form of antioxidant that helps strengthen the body's immune defense system. So try a cup or two!

For soft, smooth skin add some honey to your bathwater! Dissolve 2 tablespoons of honey in 1 cup of hot water, pour it into your bath and relax for 10 to 15 minutes.

Add some plants to your daytime environment to boost the oxygenation. Plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide and other toxins during the daylight hours. 

For a mini-vacation, try a 30-second meditation - simply close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths - great for when you're at work!

Here's the deal with feet: they take you everywhere so you need to do something in return. Give them a basic pedicure followed by a massaging foot bath. They deserve it.

Did you know that a lot of restaurants will let you substitute vitamin-rich steamed vegetables for a pasta side dish?  Often there is only a nominal charge - or no charge!   

After drinking green tea, put the used tea bags around your eyes to treat dark circles! The alkaloids in the tea help to renew the skin around the eyes for a fresh look.

Muscles are funny. They get thirsty, too! Be sure to drink water before and after exercising. Whether you do aerobics or yoga, muscles are getting a workout. Make sure you rehydrate them to keep them healthy. 

When you eat an apple, don't peel it! Apples are chock-full of powerful compounds called flavonoids - all-natural anti-inflammatories - and the peel contains up to six times more than the flesh.

While the chill in the air might tempt you to take a steaming hot shower, don’t!!!!! It will only dry out your skin. Take a lukewarm shower, pat skin dry with a towel and apply a moisturizer within three minutes of stepping out of the shower to lock in moisture.

Don’t forget to drink water! It’s good for just about everything. Drink it before a meal to curb your appetite. And drink it to quench your skin from the inside out.

Chilly winter winds can make skin dry, cracked and sore. For a soothing experience, put a little oatmeal in your bath water.

Hate Mondays? Youre not alone. Make it a point to put on your favorite outfit on Monday morning. Wearing something that makes you feel attractive and comfortable will lift your spirits!

Exercising, eating smart, and keeping stress to a minimum help you stay healthy. But dont forget the gene factor. Genetics plays a big part in whats happening inside that body of yours. Know who you are!

Life is hard on backs. If yours is bothering you, try this: before getting out of bed, bend leg at knee and pull it to chest. Hold for 5 seconds. Alternate legs do 5 pulls each.Ahhhh!

Did you know that you weigh less first thing in the morning? It’s true – why not start the day with a burst of optimism – it may be just what you need to keep on track all throughout the day.

The scale IS your friend. Know why? Because even if it reports unpleasant news, it’s always honest and it can help you stay fit by giving a constant reality check. So make peace with your scale and plan on meeting at least once a week.

You may not always have a pair of hands willing to provide you with a massage. Get yourself a mini massager and get massageson demand.

Open your home's windows for at least 20 minutes every day to bring in fresh energy. Hang a crystal at a sunny window to reflect the positive energy of the sun into your home.

Make your own insect repellent sprays by combining rubbing alcohol with one of these essential oils: lemon grass, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree oil, lavender, or cedar (about 10-to-1, alcohol-to-oil ratio). Shake well before each use.

As women get older, the risk of heart disease rises significantly. Get into the routine of regular exercise early in life, and never stop moving!

Achieve a healthy glowing complexion in the privacy and comfort of your own home. A weekly session with a facial steamer can produce spa quality results. Always start with freshly washed skin, and indulge yourself.

Nothing says “pretty” more than freshly manicured nails. You can do it yourself with the help of a battery operated nail care center. It’s like having your own personal manicurist at hand at the drop of a hat!

Having trouble sleeping? Take a hot shower or bath before bed the heat will relax tense muscles, making it easier for you to wind down.

Take the phone off the hook! This bathtub time is all about you - disconnect from this current fast-paced world and focus on yourself and your personal well-being.

Light a few candles in the bathroom, slip into the tub and relax the old-fashioned way as you soak away your troubles.

Add a few drops of lavender oil to your hot, soothing bath to relieve stress and tension.

The best time to apply moisturizers to the skin is right after a bath or shower. Step out, dry off, and apply your favorite lotion. Then let it absorb and allow skin to dry fully before dressing.

When engaged in a weight loss program, weigh yourself once a week, on the same day, at the same time, wearing the same clothes. Its the best way to track the real results.

After jogging or any other strenuous exercise, be sure to put back the water your body loses during the workout. Up to 70% of a body is water, so dont forget to replace what you use!

The older we get, the harder it is to keep exercising. So dont ever stop! Stretch every day, and take the stairs! Five or six up and downs a day is like a mini Stairmaster session.

Wake up to the sound of the ocean even if youre landlocked. It beats the morning traffic report! Sound therapy machines let you choose your wake-up call, from rain forest patter to soothing waves.

Heads are heavy and necks get tired holding them up all day. How about a massage right at home in your favorite chair? Check out our deluxe heated neck massagers - theyre available 24/7!

Cant seem to catch as many Zs as youd like? Try relaxing in a warm bath spa before bed, and free your mind with Conair Sound Therapy.

Cold weather can quickly leave you with dry, cracked feet. Avoid looking like an ancient stone sculpture! Use foot cream, and treat yourself to a pampering pedicure with a Body Benefits foot spa.

Stand proud! A SQWEEZ massaging lumbar support cushion in your car or office will take the strain off your lower back and improve posture.

A weekly at-home facial will thoroughly cleanse pores and leave skin radiant and younger looking. Use a facial steamer for a real spa experience.

Essential oils can enhance your home spa experience, but should never be applied directly to the skin. Dilute by adding 2-4 ounces of carrier oil (jojoba, calendula, or sweet almond) to 1-4 drops of essential oil, then add oils to bath.

Doing those back exercises every day? First spend 5 or 10 minutes on your Body Soother Massage Mat to get muscles ready for a more effective workout.

Multi-task while you relax! Hook up your heated massaging backrest while you watch your favorite TV program or listen to favorites on your IPod!

To enhance your home spa foot treatment, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to water in the bath spa for a wonderfully cooling effect.

Tiptoe through the tulips! Its that time again, sandal season is upon us! Put your best foot forward this spring by doing a little spring cleaning. You can give yourself a pedicure at home by soaking your feet in a warm sudsy footbath, exfoliating, moisturizing and cleaning up your cuticles. Last step is to paint them and your toes will be ready for their big debut.

Shoulder and neck pain? One way to relax those tense muscles is to enlist the services of a heating pad. You can use one while watching your favorite show on TV or curl up with a good book; relief will be on its way!

Ever have a day where it seems your ENTIRE body is in pain? Take care of yourself by lying down on a full-length massage mat. Between the vibration and the heat therapy relief is on its way.

My feet are killing me! Sound familiar? Stop the torture and kick those heels off! Now, slip on a pair of heated massaging slippers and relax.

You just got home from your gym and your whole body aches! Ask your partner to try a hand-held massager on those hard-to-reach areas like between your shoulder blades. Twenty minutes will do wonders.

In the city or suburbia, our lives are increasingly noisy. For a peaceful night’s sleep, use a sound machine to soothe and block disturbing external disruptions.

Portion control, healthy foods and exercise are important. When the goal is weight loss weigh yourself once a week instead of every day - this way you wont become discouraged if the scale doesnt budge for a few days.

We use our feet all day long, so reward those aching tootsies with a trip to the spa! Soak in a deluxe massaging foot spa after a hard day’s work in the comfort of your own home.

To soothe an aching back, massage an anti-inflammatory lotion onto affected area, cover with a heating pad and relax.

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